Before Hitler’s Regime: Depression In Germany

Four years before Adolf Hitler was appointed the Chancellor of Germany, the country suffers a great depression due to the United States’ withdrawal of loans facility to the country, this action by the U.S led to a massive depression in Germany causing people to commit suicide.

Who Are The Germans

Germany is a Western European nation with a terrain made up of rivers, mountains, forests, and beaches along the North Sea. Its history spans more than two millennia. Its capital, Berlin, is home to vibrant art and nightlife scenes, the Brandenburg Gate, which are several WWII-related landmarks. Munich is renowned for its Oktoberfest and beer halls, which include the HofbrÀuhaus from the 16th century. The European Central Bank is situated in the skyscraper-filled city of Frankfurt.

Stock Trading Market Germany
Stock Trading Market Germany

The Great Depression In Germany

In the year 1929, there was a crash in the Wall Streett Market that cause panic Worldwide, and Germany was most hit by the global economic meltdown.

The recall of US loans resulted in the downfall of Germany’s economy, which caused it to suffer more than any other country. Germans became depressed as unemployment skyrocketed and poverty increased. This sparked a series of incidents that culminated in the demise of German democracy.

Legislation could only be enacted by presidential proclamation because the government was unable to secure a majority in the Reichstag. Germans started to increasingly turn to the political extremes for solutions as a result of little action being taken to address the economic and social effects of the Depression.
The Nazis benefited the most from this because, by the middle of 1932, a combination of programs with broad appeal, Hitler’s charisma as a leader, and the violence of the SA helped make them the largest party in the Reichstag.

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The Appointment Of Adolf Hitler

Four years later after the War Street Crash Adolf Hitler was appointed as Chancellor of Germany by president Paul Van Hindenburg.

Hitler started tearing down German democracy right away. He compelled the Reichstag to approve an enabling act, giving him unrestricted authority for four years. He subsequently removed all prospective opponents, including other political parties, labor organizations, and even SA leader Ernst Rohm.

After the death of president Paul Van Hinderburg in 1932 Hitler declared himself the supreme leader of Germany, That singular act put the people into a more depressed state.

German Military During WW2
German Military During WW2

Depression In Germany

Adolf Hitler believes that if power is taken from the United States they won’t be controlling the stock market anymore and the great depression will not happen again.

In 1939 he started World War 2 by invading Poland with the intention of conquering the rest of the European nations before he will proceed to the U.S which happens to be his main target.

The war brought more hardship and depression to the people of Germany, that is why they called it the great depression.

Luck ran out on him {Hittler} as he was defeated by the opposition forces in the year 1945 and that ends the War.


The United States has been a major key player in dictating the economy of the world for centuries, this has led to so many depression cases in Germany and the world at large.

Today, it is no longer the way it use to be as countries now have autonomy and responsibility for the economic situation of their country.

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