The Difference Between Jewish and Christianity

Jewish and Christianity

Jewish and Christianity, There was a recent report on Aljazeera that the Jewish community in Israel spits on Christians whenever they see them, and also they spit on the church gate as a sign of their disapproval of the Christian religion, this practice has been ongoing for decades and the government in Israel did not … Read more

New Order Of The Illuminati

New Order Of The Illuminati

New Order Of The Illuminati: I cannot confirm the existence of the Illuminati, as it is widely considered a conspiracy theory without any substantial evidence.However, it is claimed by some that the Illuminati is a secret society that has been in existence for centuries and controls world events from behind the scenes. New Order Of … Read more

The Place Called Heaven

the place called heaven

How well do you know about the place called heaven, apart from being a place where God lives and other stories you hear about. what else do you know about heaven? will you be amazed to find out that God doesn’t stay in Heaven and Heaven doesn’t exist? let me take you on a journey … Read more

Money Ritual Without BloodShed

money ritual without bloodshed

In today’s topic, I will be sharing three methods on how you can apply the money ritual without bloodshed.  Stick around, and read to the end so you can learn from the spiritual master.  You might be doubting if this truly works, well, all I have to say is for you to have faith, but … Read more

The Power of Raw Egg

the power of raw egg for spiritual cleansing

Today I will be sharing a powerful spiritual message titled The Power of Raw Egg for Spiritual Cleansing. The egg is very common, we see and use it in our day to day activities little do you know that the egg can cleanse you from the spiritual bondage of hardship and bad luck, Egg is … Read more

Distinguished Bishop-Rev fr John Oke Afareha

Rev Fr John Oke Afareha

 Distinguished Bishop Rev Fr  John Okeoghene Afareha was born in 1947 to late Mr Edward Afareha and late Mrs Rebecca Afareha of Oleh in Delta State’s Isoko South local government area, Nigeria. He was raised by his stepmother, Mrs Angelina Afareha when his mother died he was young. The family is blessed, with Rev. Sister … Read more


angels looking up to the heavens

Reincarnation exist for you to grow physically and spiritually and it is a popular beliefs that the soul after the death of the body begins a new life afresh with another body depending on the quality of previous life action, some African culture believes that when death occurs the soul of that person lingers around … Read more

Where Does the Spirit Go After Death

Where does the spirit go after death,  that’s the myth we are revealing in today’s interesting topic, sit tight as I take you on a journey of eye-opener research made by my humble self. Many religion has come up with their understanding and belief about where the spirit goes after death, I will be letting … Read more

The African Woman Who Called Herself God

Vicentia Tadagbe preaching to her congretion

The African woman who called herself God Vicentia Tadagbe is a prophetess in Benin, a French-speaking West African country. In terms of Perfection, she described herself as perfect. She claims to be God, yet she was just seen roaming amok in the streets of Benin Republic. The African woman who called herself God Vicentia Tadagbe. … Read more