The Significance Of Receiving Holy Communion

The Significance Of Receiving Holy Communion

The significance of Receiving Holy Communion: as it was fondly called by Catholic Christians is the body and blood of Christ and it was instructed by Christ himself to his followers to do this after he was gone and whomsoever that receives this holy communion is regarded as pure like Christ. but recently we see … Read more

Brazil And The Satanic Show 2023

Brazil And The Satanic Show 2023

Yet, it’s important to keep in mind that the word “Satanic” is frequently used to refer to activities that particular groups or people consider to be contentious or forbidden. This can apply to works of subversive or unorthodox fashion as well as to works of art, literature, and music. It’s crucial to examine assertions regarding … Read more

Poison Ivy Plant and The Natural Remedy

poison ivy pictures

Poison Ivy Plant and Remedy, These plants are some flower plants found in Europe and Asia, these plants can grow a perimeter of 5ft tall, and the fruit is regarded as a capsule, it can be considered a dangerous leaf depending on how you used it. Poison Ivy Plant and Remedy Poison ivy poison ivy … Read more

The Ethics of Spirit and The Soul

spirit and soul

Today’s topic is based on the spirit and soul, in my previous writeup “where do the dead go after death‘ I wrote about the difference between spirit and soul but in this article, I elaborated more on the topic, for your spiritual upliftment and learning purpose. The Spirit and Soul The Spirit.  Belief in a … Read more

Real Demons-Are They Real Demons Anywhere?

real demon woman

Today’s topic is based on real demons, are they real demons around or just faking it like those we saw in Hollywood. Demons are evil spirits that can torment humans, but people seem not to believe they exist. Real Demons – Are They Real They are not a creation of Hollywood. They exist and are … Read more

Garlic spiritual and natural cleansing

garlic spiritual and natural cleansing

There are so many benefits of garlic’s spiritual and natural cleansing of the human body, I will be highlighting some key benefits of garlic and its usefulness mainly when mixed with other items to produce an effective result. also, the spiritual aspect of garlic will be explained. Garlic Effectiveness and Natural Body Cleanser. Garlic is … Read more

The Story of a Dead Girl: Came Back to Life

dead girl leaving the body

This is the story of a dead girl that came back to life, after two years. Her Name is Winnie Lufunja, 17 years Old Girl Living With Her Parents At Masala Township Ndola, Zambia. Her parents and the villagers doubted her until she reveal who she really was. The story of the dead girl; how … Read more

Mystery of Life: Spiritualism and Proclamation

The Mystery of life: Spiritualism and Proclamation started Sometime back in 2016, a pastor of a very popular church, Akolade Arowolo was sentenced to death by the federal government of Nigeria for the murder of his banker wife Titilayo, on the ground that he murdered his wife. He pleaded, he cried, he explained yet no … Read more

Witchcraft Conference in Africa

The witchcraft conference of witches and wizards was reportedly held in the Democratic Republic of Congo Brazzaville, with several pictures and reports showing them displaying their magical powers as they flew around in broad daylight. Witchcraft Conference in Dr Congo. The witchcraft conference in Africa parades so many witches and wizards that took the Spectators … Read more