The Story of a Dead Girl: Came Back to Life

This is the story of a dead girl that came back to life, after two years. Her Name is Winnie Lufunja, 17 years Old Girl Living With Her Parents At Masala Township Ndola, Zambia. Her parents and the villagers doubted her until she reveal who she really was.

Winnie sitting with her father and the policeman
The presume dead girl Winnie Lufunja sitting with policemen and her parents

The story of the dead girl; how it started.

The story of a dead girl Winnie Lufunja, She was very sick, she was diagnosed with a strange illness even the doctors find difficult to explain, the mother took her to different healing centres and hospitals yet the illness persist, the parents settled for their faith to let the worst happen.

November 9, 2016, Winnie Lufanja died after struggling with an unknown illness, three days later after her demise the parents arrange for her burial, a funeral mass was held for her in the church, which they later proceed to the cemetery in Ndola council where she was laid to rest.


Two years later a lady with almost a resemblance to dead Winnie shows up at the doorstep of Mr and Mrs Lufunja claiming she is their daughter, and they were like “we buried you two years ago” and she said to them that what they buried was plantain stem and not her, they took her in, still doubting her showing up in their home, to further convince them that she is who she claims to be, she mentions their names one after the other, but the parents still have doubt about her appearing in their home.

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She narrated how she was abducted by some unknown people and taken to a place that looks like farmland, a place where all you do is work and work, and they are lots of people there, she also said it looks like they are been cast a spell and brainwashed, not until when she and some others are free from the spell that she located her home in Masala Ndola province.


A huge crowd gathered at her parent’s home to see the dead girl that came back to life before they knew it the police has been involved, it was not still clear who involved the police In this matter, either the parents of the girl or someone from the crowd, at that same time a woman from another village heard the news of a dead girl that came back to life decided to come to take a look.

The story of the dead girl shocked everyone.

When she saw Winnie she shouted “this is my daughter that got lost 2 years ago”, everyone present at the moment were surprised at her claim to Winnie, the police are even more confused, the police later demanded a DNA test from both parties and Winnie, also ask the parents to show them where Winnie was buried, at least that will help in their already confused state when the police got to the graveside and dig up were Winnie was buried they found some bones on the ground with hairs that look like female hair, when all this was going on Winnie still maintain that she doesn’t know the other lady, that Mr and Mrs Lufunja are her real parents, the police left with the DNA samples hoping to return In two weeks with the result to unravel the mystery.

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Winnie Lufunja grave side
After much doubt, they decided to go check on the grave of the dead Winnie Lufunja.


After two weeks the police came with the DNA result, it turns out that Winnie was the original daughter of the lady who claims her daughter got Lost two years ago, Winnie was handed to her and she took her home, everyone went on with their normal lives, that was how the matter was settled by the Zambia police.

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I think there is more to this story, could it be that Winnie’s got a second chance of living? Did her spirit enters this young girl’s body and she decided to reunite with her family, what then happens to this young girl’s spirit, is she dead before Winnie’s spirit enters her? I will like to get your opinion on this unravelled mystery, you can drop your comments in the comments section below.

37 thoughts on “The Story of a Dead Girl: Came Back to Life”

  1. This story leaves too many questions… but without a doubt, the girl must seek the answers within herself and she will know everything… only she can find peace in what happened.

  2. This is an incredible history, I would also like to come back again after died. ;( better than that, I would like my father come back again. Great story.

  3. Acho que sim, essa menina não é o espírito de Winnie, e sim a próprio Winnie, já ouvi falar de casos parecidos e é difícil de acreditar, mas eu acredito!

  4. This story touched my heart and scared me little but it’s really very mysterious what happened next ?

  5. When you die, your spirit wakes in the north, in the City of the Dead. There, you wander the cold until one of your living loved ones finds you, says “Goodbye,” and Sends you to the next world.


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