Culture- Romany Sells Bride In Bulgarian Market

Romany Sells Bride In Bulgarian Market

Romany sells bride in Bulgaria: Throughout history various ethnic groups have coexisted on Earth forming Societies in their inhabited regions, almost every society has cultures, traditions and Lifestyles which set them apart and make them unique the Romany sometimes referred to as gipsies one of these communities have been in existence for hundreds of years … Read more

The Story Of The Famous Magician In Nigeria

The Story Of The Famous Magician In Nigeria

Professor Peller, one of Nigeria’s most well-known magicians, was assassinated in 1997. Peller developed a lifelong interest in magic during his early years and studied under a number of skilled magicians both in Nigeria and abroad. He soon attained the status of an expert in illusion, pulling off stunning magic tricks that transfixed audiences. The … Read more

The Origin of Egyptian Goddess

Egyptian Goddess

When you talk about Goddesses and The Origin of Egyptian Goddess you will think of Egypt as the home of the Egyptian Goddesses. the Egyptians have so many gods, some are mortal and some are immortal, a pretty lady in Egypt can be regarded as a goddess and they strive to become immortal when still … Read more

Different Tribes of Nigeria and The Naked Tribe

The Lion of Africa

There are different tribes of Nigeria and naked tribes throughout Africa. The Fulani, the Hausa, the Igbo, the Yoruba, and the Kanuri are a few of the tribes. Every tribe has its own traditions and customs, and every language belongs to a certain group of people. Different Tribes of Nigeria and Naked Tribes Over 250 … Read more

African Slavery; The Black Venus Story

the black venus

¬†African slavery the black venus is a story that was dated back to 1500 and 1700. even before Africa was discovered, we shall be focusing on a South African Woman popularly known as the black venus. her crime was that she was beautiful and blessed with pretty shapes. In Paris, She was raped, Exposed naked, … Read more

Efunsetan The Strong Woman In Ancient Yoruba Kingdom

a strong woman image

Efunsetan Aniwura’s narrative is undoubtedly one of the most enthralling in Yoruba political history. It captures the role of women in Yoruba political history in a breathtaking way. But Efunsetan the strong woman narrative has been scripted and foreseen by her all along. Efunsetan The Strong Woman. The story of Efunsetan the strong woman is … Read more

Jennifer Lopez-Meaningful Impact To The World

Jennifer Lopez smiling to the world

Jennifer Lopez is an American singer, actress and film-maker have touched so many lives through her music and movie role. she was a goddess to so many young girls looking up to her as their role model. Who Is Jennifer Lopez and How Meaningful Did She Impact The World? Jennifer Lopez is an American singer, … Read more

The Life and Times of Itsekiri Kings

King Tsola Emiko

Today, we shall be learning about the life and times of the Itsekiri people, and the kingship. past and present kings with their activities. but firstly, let’s tell you a brief history of the Itsekiri people. Brief History about the Itsekiri people. The life and times of Itsekiri Kings is something every son and daughter … Read more

Spiritual Culture and Tradition

¬†Spiritual Culture and Tradition is a story about Oluchi and Emeka, Oluchi was a hardcore prostitute with a heart of gold but due to her line of trade, it looks like she is ruthless, if by chance you were closer to her you will see her real being. The Spiritual Culture and Tradition of the … Read more

Igbo Speaking Tribe in Benue State

This is a Brief History of Benue State, also telling you about the Igbo-speaking tribe in Benue state, Before we proceed to the main topic of the day, Where is Obi local government situated?. Brief History about Benue State. Following the amalgamation of Nigeria by the British, the present geographical entity now known as Benue … Read more