Igbo Speaking Tribe in Benue State

This is a Brief History of Benue State, also telling you about the Igbo-speaking tribe in Benue state, Before we proceed to the main topic of the day, Where is Obi local government situated?.

Brief History about Benue State.

Following the amalgamation of Nigeria by the British, the present geographical entity now known as Benue State was known as Benue province until 1918 before adopting its name from one of the dominant geographical features, the River Benue.

The country is made up of four geo-political zones namely: west, north, east, and middle belt.

Igbo speaking tribe in Benue state
Igbo-speaking tribe in Obi LGA Benue state.

May 1967, the structure of the federation of Nigeria was divided into twelve (12) administrative states by (then) General Yakubu Gowon’s military administration namely:

North-Western State, North-Eastern state, Kano State, North-Central State, Benue-Plateau State, Kwara State, Western State, Lagos State, Mid-Western State, A Rivers state, South-Eastern State, and East-Central State

Benue was merged as Benue-Plateau State.

In another restructure in February 1976; Benue State was created out of the defunct Benue-Plateau as an administrative unit among the Seven States created by the Military Administration headed by Late General Murtala Murtala Mohammed which increases the number of Nigeria States from Twelve (12) to Nineteen (19).

In yet another restructure of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1991, part of Benue State, the Igala segment that was made up of Ankpa, Idah, Ayangba, and Dekina Local Government Areas carved out merging with part of Kwara State creating Kogi State.

Benue State has 23 Local Government Areas.

Igbo speaking tribe in Benue State
Igbo-speaking tribe in Benue State.

Today’s focus will be on two exceptional tribes that are supposed to be in the eastern part of Nigeria but found themself in the middle belt part of the country called Benue State.

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Igbo Speaking Tribe in Benue State.

Obi local government area was created in 1996 and has its headquarters at Obarike-Ito. The local government area derives its name from the Obi stream.

The language Igede is widely spoken by the people and their best delicacy is fufu and Nsalah soup, fufu is made from cassava root extract kept in water to soak for days before being locally produced to Fufu while Nsalah soup is a special kind of soup made with yam and other ingredients enjoyed by the people.

Igbo Speaking Tribe In Benue State.

These two local governments that made up the Benue state of Nigeria are Obi and Oju-Igede
local government area,

These areas are made up of Igbo-speaking people and a population of ninety-eight thousand five hundred and fifty (98,550) with a landmass of one hundred and ninety-five (195) square kilometers.

The name Obi was derived from a stream flowing in that area, their main occupation is farming, four major towns in the obi local government area are Adum east, Kogo, Okpokwu, and Ikwokwu.

Also, you need to know the three most popular tribes in Benue state are the Tiv people, Idoma people, and Igede people that’s where the obi local government belongs.

Festival and Celebration in Benue State.

Festivals and celebrations among Benue people are marks of the rich cultural heritage of Benue people. These feasts cover the various socio-cultural aspect of the life of Benue people, like marriages, seasonal farming yields, fishing, hunting, burial, the bestowal of honor and dignity upon individuals or groups among others.

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The Igbo Speaking Tribe Festival.

Some of these festivals are celebrated annually or at different times of the year.
festivals like Kyegh she Ishwa is a chicken with sesame festival while they also have Akata festival for fishing, some other notable festivals are Ukpleka festival, Igede Agba festival among others.

When it comes to dancing they also have it in stock, dances like Agama, Aringa, Ange, Aja, Akpan Chila, and so many others.


So when next you are planning on visiting Nigeria or Benue state to be precise you might consider visiting obi and igede local government areas respectively, that’s where you will find the Igbo speaking tribe, you will have an everlasting memory to cherish.

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