Spiritual Culture and Tradition

 Spiritual Culture and Tradition is a story about Oluchi and Emeka, Oluchi was a hardcore prostitute with a heart of gold but due to her line of trade, it looks like she is ruthless, if by chance you were closer to her you will see her real being.

Oluchi's diary, Culture and Tradition.
Oluchi against all odds of spiritual culture and tradition.

The Spiritual Culture and Tradition of the People.

Oluchi came from a very remote town somewhere around Orlu local government area of Imo state, the spiritual culture and tradition forbid any young girl from plying such trade but she was adamant, she insists on her prostitute in Warri Delta state.

Emeka is an upcoming businessman trying to make end means but though he is trying in his line of business, he is an origin of Ideato north local government area of Imo state but resides in Warri Delta state.

Emeka is a core womanizer, he goes for anything under the skirt, he doesn’t see women and look aside, he loves chasing women and that was how his woe begins.

Spiritual Culture and tradition.

January 2009, Emeka went to one of these happening brothels around town to enjoy himself as usual fortunately for him he ran into this girl called Oluchi the hardcore prostitute. Not knowing the spiritual culture and tradition that await him, if only he can see the future.


After the first sex, they both became spiritually engaged lovers, Emeka became a frequent visitor to that brothel and his motive alone is to see Oluchi.

As days and months passed their love grew stronger. On a particular occasion, Emeka pretended to have lost all his money.

To a bad business deal, he did sometime back and he pleaded with Oluchi to assist him with some cash which she did without hesitating.

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At that moment Emeka knew he has found his missing rib, all his life a female gender has not given him money except his mother who sometimes gives him money for buying stuff. Little did he know that culture and tradition trouble awaits him.

Culture and Tradition Demands.

He started plans on her to remove her from the brothel and keep her in his house probably making her his wife as culture demands, everything went as planned and she moved from the brothel and started staying at his house as husband and wife even though he has not fulfilled the tradition of paying her bride price.

Declining Culture and Tradition.

In September 2010 Oluchi discovered that she was pregnant with a child, he ask Emeka to go see her people but Emeka refused telling her that it is very dangerous to travel with pregnancy but not to worry immediately she puts to bed they will go and see her people.

In December 2010, Oluchi went to a local herbal medicine practitioner to seek medication that can help in positioning her baby for easy delivery when the Time comes and she got this information from a friend during one of her visits to antenatal care.

Consulting Spiritual Culture and Tradition.

The woman that attended to her was an old lady in her late 60s, she gave her some mixed concoction and ask her to be taking it twice every day.

The old lady wasn’t concerned about her health and she was unprofessional that’s why she didn’t ask her if she is on orthodox medication, she went ahead to minister the native concoction to her.

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After noticing her disorganized moods whenever she took the native medication Emeka warn her to discontinue the medication.

Genesis Of Emeka’s Spiritual Predicament.

On the 23rd of December Emeka traveled to Imo state for the marriage ceremony of his uncle who was getting married on the 26th of that month, Emeka returned to Warri on the 28th of December only to find Oluchi moaning and groaning in pain on the floor.

He tried to calm her but the pain persist, but they managed to remain calm till the next day he took her to central hospital Warri where she is receiving treatment and the doctor confirmed that her intestines and some other parts of her womb have been badly injured due to the mixture intake of Orthodox drugs and native concoction, the doctor also said there is nothing he can do to subside the pain she has to live with the pain till she gives birth.

The Death of Oluchi.

28th February 2011 Emeka went to the hospital to check on Oluchi as that has been his daily routine ever since she was admitted to the hospital,

But this time Oluchi did not respond to him or welcome him as she used to do whenever he is around, he touched her
feet they were stone cold, not knowing that she has crossed to the spiritual world,

He quickly rushed to call a matron who later called the doctor and at about 8 pm Oluchi was confirmed dead and the baby inside her died as well.

Fake photo of Oluchi, spiritual culture
Fake photo of Oluchi, on the journey of spiritual culture and tradition.

The corpse was later deposited in the mortuary, Emeka was confused and same time devastated, he doesn’t know what to do.

He has to inform his parents of the latest happening, he thinks of running away like a coward to avoid all the stress he is about to embark on but he decided to stay and face any challenges the death of Oluchi will cost him, “if he runs away it will make him less a man” that’s what he said to himself. He needs to shoulder the responsibility of Culture.

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Emeka’s Father contacted his kinsmen and they all went to the king of the land to escort them to meet with the Orlu king so they can break the sad news to Oluchi’s family, according to Emeka’s father, it was the right thing to do.

After meeting with Oluchi’s family it was concluded that Emeka will marry her corpse before burial as tradition demands, which he did, and that singular act rendered him broke as he doesn’t have enough money to run his business anymore.

Emeka paid the bride price of  Oluchi in full as a dead person, that’s what the culture demands before her family now allowed the corpse to be brought from the city for burial, the stress alone cost him a lot but he learned something in life and that incident has shaped him to be the man he is today.


Before you start any relationship make sure you see both parents in case anything goes wrong cause they are the ones you will fall back on, culture and tradition will never change in Africa but humans do change.


This is a real-life story but names, places, images, and locations mentioned in the story are for reference purposes and do not attach to anyone or place.


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