African Slavery; The Black Venus Story

 African slavery the black venus is a story that was dated back to 1500 and 1700. even before Africa was discovered, we shall be focusing on a South African Woman popularly known as the black venus. her crime was that she was beautiful and blessed with pretty shapes. In Paris, She was raped, Exposed naked, And had her genitals sliced Because she was dark and had formed, The Tragic Story of Saartjie was shown as an animal.

The African Slavery of Black Venus.

In the year 1775, Saartjie Baartman was born in South Africa like every other woman, the African Slavery black venus was also known as the black venus, while growing up her body shape starts bulging more than that of her age mate.

These shapes could be considered sexually appealing, and that lead to her being sold during the Era of African Slavery.

Instead of being used as a slave for the reason, she was bought rather these Englishmen to satisfy themselves sexually before selling her to a France sailor who later on brought her to town for the experiment.

The Black Venus Arrived Europe for Exhibitions.

She was bought by an English sailor and travelled to Europe in 1810. Saartjie Baartman (The Black Venus), also known as the Hottentot Venus, was on display for five years in fairs and salons in England and France where hundreds of people flocked to observe sex, bulging breasts, and buttocks.

African Slavery Black Venus was Raped.

African Slavery Black Venus being Exhibited in Museum
African Slavery Black Venus being Exhibited in Museum

She was touched with umbrellas and other sharp items while being groped and raped.

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In Paris, she was studied by biologist Cuvier, who included her in his work on the evolution of mammals.

The Black Venus was studied like an Animal in a Museum.

book intended to compile life creatures. One of the finest French naturalists had his body dissected after her death in 1815, and formaldehyde was used to preserve her brain and genitals.

At the Musée de l’Homme in Paris, her body was cast and displayed for over 200 years.

Saartjie Baartman’s sole transgression was possessing ample curves, just like other stunning black ladies.

Former South African President Nelson Mandela was Pleaded.

The Khoikhoi pleaded with Nelson Mandela to ask for the return of Saartjie’s bones so they could give her a funeral and restore her dignity in 1994, sometime after apartheid in South Africa came to an end.

In the name of the unalienable legacy of the State and of science, the authorities and the French scientific community reject this proposal.

African Slavery, South Africans Received her Bones for proper Burial and Honour.

France did not repatriate the remains to South Africa until 2002, the year a special law was passed.

When Saartjie Baartman’s bones were returned in 2002, then-President of South Africa Tabo M’Beki remarked: “Those who treated him with the savagery of barbarians, not this African woman robbed of her identity and her nation, were the barbarians.

African Slavery.

Let’s teach them to the kids so they can understand their history. To date, the story of the African slavery history of the black venus is been taught in South African schools.

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Her crime was that she is beautiful and had a pretty good shape that is sex appealing, even after her death she was placed in a museum-like an ornament to be studied or viewed by all work and sundry, she was dehumanized, disgraced and degenerated by her captors.

South Africans will forever remember her Saartjie Baartman the black venus.

This article was translated by me and was written by a French author who is based in France, if you find it interesting and educative you can let me know in the comments section.

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