The Story Of The Famous Magician In Nigeria

Professor Peller, one of Nigeria’s most well-known magicians, was assassinated in 1997. Peller developed a lifelong interest in magic during his early years and studied under a number of skilled magicians both in Nigeria and abroad. He soon attained the status of an expert in illusion, pulling off stunning magic tricks that transfixed audiences.

The Story Of The Famous Magician In Nigeria

The Famous Magician, Professor Moshood Abiola Peller was a renowned Nigerian magician, illusionist, and entrepreneur who gained widespread fame across the country in the 1970s and 1980s. He was born on November 8, 1941, in the town of Iseyin in Oyo State, Nigeria.

Peller’s interest in magic began in his early childhood, and he honed his craft by studying under several accomplished magicians in Nigeria and around the world. He eventually became a master of illusion, performing dazzling feats of magic that left audiences spellbound.

In addition to his magic shows, Peller was also a successful entrepreneur who owned several businesses, including a night club, a hotel, and a record label. He was a prominent figure in Nigerian society, and his shows were attended by celebrities, politicians, and members of the elite.

Tragically, Peller’s life was cut short in 1997 when he was assassinated at his home in Ibadan, Oyo State. The circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear, but it is believed that he was killed in a targeted attack by unknown assailants.

Peller’s death was a shock to the Nigerian community, and his legacy as one of the country’s most beloved magicians and entertainers lives on to this day. His shows continue to inspire young magicians and performers across Nigeria and beyond, and his contributions to the country’s cultural heritage are still celebrated by many.

The Famous Magician

Peller, Professor One of the Nigerians who introduced magic to the country was the magician. He is the father of well-known socialite Shina Peller, and whenever he traveled, a sizable, energized audience trailed behind his convoy.

In the middle was a white limousine, and on the sunroof was a man waving to the crazed throng. He was quite clever and gorgeous, and his entire outfit was white, including his hat. It was a very bright spectacle. He had a gig in the city stadium, which was where the limo was going. Peller enchanted the largest black nation in the world for nearly thirty years, leaving millions screaming at the flick of his wand.

Professor Peller The Famous Magician Magical Exploits

When Professor Peller was alive, he was Africa’s most accomplished magician. I’m not sure if the previous record has been surpassed. Peller continues to be the best of all, even after death. In addition to performing for princes, he also mesmerized kings with his wizardry. Femi Oyebode, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Birmingham, provided the following description of Peller and one of his performances at the George V Stadium in Lagos in 1972. (that is the old name of the Onikan Stadium)

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My last time going to the stadium was to watch Professor Peller, a purported Magic Circle member and magician, compete against the last of our traditional magicians, whose name I can’t recall right now (itself a significant fact). Black tails, a top hat, a wand in one hand, black shoes, and well-groomed hair adorned Professor Peller’s attire. He was assisted by a lovely young woman, and he was the epitome of the dapper gentleman. A white dove flew out after he flipped his white handkerchief.

More Famous Magician Performance By The Professor

Flowers burst at his command as he tugged on his cufflinks. He exuded majesty and confidence. He had elegance and style. His helper was levitated.

Without drawing blood, he divided her in half. She vanished after being repeatedly chained up and imprisoned within a cabinet! A superb performance was given. The audience cheered and hooted. Against our better judgment, we were seduced.

Peller was a renowned magician who performed numerous acts, including the Zigzag, the Escape Box, the Invisible General, and the Shifting Clothes.

One thing about Peller’s performances is that they were carried out to the highest degree of brilliance and finesse. He was meticulous and expert. He might have even surpassed David Copperfield of the United States in renown if it weren’t for his passing.

In one of his classical performances, he placed his wife in a “magical coffin” and used a “magic coffin” to split the coffin in half.

Publication Was Poor Back Then For The Famous Magician

Since there was no Internet as we know it now when Peller was performing, it was simple to con millions of people. With the exception of the cleverest magicians, YouTube is currently ruining the act for most of them. Here are a couple more magic videos from YouTube to let you know that they are pure trickery and do not summon any evil spirits or demons.

It’s not surprising that many women fell under the entrancing spell of Nigeria’s most famous magician because he was a showstopper at any occasions. He had numerous wives because he was a man of many.

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Alhaja Silifat Adeboyin Peller is the most well-known of these women, with whom he performed his magic performances.

Who Is Alhaja Silifat Adeboyin Peller

She was known as Lady Peller across all of Nigeria, and she is well known for the incident in which Peller “sliced” her into pieces and struggled to put her back together. She is now 66 years old, her husband is deceased, and she has decided not to remarry.

She is taking care of her grandkids while thinking back on the sparkling marvels of the once-powerful kingdom of magic. At Kishi, Oyo State, where her father served as Chief Imam and had five children for him in addition to rearing a large number of stepchildren, Lady Peller was born.

Unknown to many, their once-happy marriage eventually developed a serious split that prevented them from cohabitating any longer. Peller was assassinated at his Onipanu home while Lady Peller was residing at the GRA in Ikeja.

He was in Lagos State attending an event at the time. Peller visited her in Ikeja but was met with her absence even though they were still routinely seeing each other and weren’t legally separated. Before the assassin’s bullets prematurely silenced Peller, they had already made amends and were even preparing to reunite.

How  Professor Peller Was Killed By Assassins

Peller asked her to check on him and leave a note saying that he wasn’t feeling well and had been taken to Ibadan for treatment. When she arrived in Ibadan, she was informed that Peller had passed away, which infuriated Lady Peller because they had family doctors at the Ajayi Memorial Hospital and the EKO Hospital in Lagos.

She instantly passed out and woke up to a pail of water and vigorous family fanning. “I’ve never seen that kind of things,” she remarked, adding that it was a huge shock. Never again do I want to experience that kind of situation. He made sure she received training in Michigan, USA, and taught her some magic while he was still alive.

It’s not surprising that they always performed together, and in her opinion, her religion does not forbid the type of magic she practiced with her late husband because, in her words, “it was not fetish.” They only want to enjoy what Professor Peller was enjoying for several years. She still recalls the very nice old days and declares she will not remarry and will continue to marry him. But they cannot possess it.

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Alhaja Silifat Abiola Peller, the late magician Professor Peller’s wife, has discussed the reasons behind the murder of the well-liked socialite. After a performance she gave with her husband that left everyone frightened, Mrs. Peller said in an interview with BBC News Yoruba that the assassination of her husband was made possible because of the private information he exposed to the media.

She claimed that when she was being performed, the late magician cut her in half on stage and struggled to put her back together again.

The Story Of The Famous Magician In Nigeria
The Story Of The Famous Magician In Nigeria

She Recalls One Of Her Husband’s Dangerous Performance

“Professor Peller gave a performance at the National Theatre on that historic day. He split Lady Peller in half, but struggled to put her back together again,” she recalled.

He exerted himself to the point of sweating, which the audience noticed. That was the end of the show.

Thank God, Lady Peller later regained consciousness. Yet, the public didn’t find out until the next day. The audience was not very engaged during Professor Peller’s performance (the next day). They only cared to see Lady Peller.

They were so ecstatic when they first saw me that some of them decided to call it a day since they thought my appearance had provided enough entertainment.

Presidents and other notable figures used to attend their performances around the world, according to Silifat.

She explained that she was in Lagos when she received the news of her husband’s passing. That was a bad day for reasons I truly can’t explain. Some claim that I passed out and later recovered after being doused with water,” she stated.

According to Silifat, her husband passed away while performing the Sujud prayer.

“The media knows how to ask questions that can lead one to say things he ought not to say,” she recalls how The media urged Professor Peller to disclose the specific time he could be located without his powers.

That’s what Professor Peller stated, and it’s what caused him to fall: “He told them that he could only be found without his powers while he’s observing the Islamic prayers.

The magician’s killers made sure to carry out their act when he was observing prayers, according to Silifat.


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