Witchcraft Conference in Africa

The witchcraft conference of witches and wizards was reportedly held in the Democratic Republic of Congo Brazzaville, with several pictures and reports showing them displaying their magical powers as they flew around in broad daylight.

Witchcraft conference
Witchcraft conference in Dr Congo

Witchcraft Conference in Dr Congo.

The witchcraft conference in Africa parades so many witches and wizards that took the Spectators by surprise when they proudly arrive at the event ground, all dressed in red, white, and yellow attires to entertain the audience with their strange powers.

The story about the witchcraft conference.

Confirming the story, many of the country’s mainstream media, YouTubers, bloggers stream the event live with photos and videos claiming to show the witches and wizards hovering around the air making waves.
However, they receive several criticisms afterward, as many blame them for using their powers against the people instead of using them for good.

What locals said about the witchcraft Conference.

According to sources in the Congo Brazzaville that was there live to witness the parade of magical displays confirmed that this conference of witchcraft occurs every year to celebrate the magical powers of the congo people.

The most surprising part of this story was that the government is in support of this magical conference describing it as African magic and culture, encouraging the people to participate in subsequent Witches and wizards conferences.

Witchcraft conference
Witchcraft conference in Zambia

Stranded Witches and Wizards in Zambia.

There was also a similar case of witches and wizards that occurred in Zambia last year, though this one is a little bit different, it involves a family of the father, mother, and two kids.

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Wonders shall never end, how can the whole of a family be attending witchcraft at the same time, at least one should have waited behind to receive others upon their arrival.

There was a family of four found stacked naked in broad daylight along a busy road in Zambia, the crowd taught they are mad, even the witches and wizards are confused about how they found themself, they were asked by the crowd and surprised passersby why they were naked in broad daylight and all looking surprised.

Witchcraft Conference in Africa.

The father of the family responded by saying that they left home the previous night “all four of them” to a very important meeting but was surprised to see themselves here, maybe something might have happened along the way, maybe they crashed, the police later took them to the station for questioning after covering them up.


Is this not African voodoo? you can find black witches and wizards everywhere in Africa yet the countries are not progressing in terms of human infrastructure. may God bless Africa.


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