Mystery of Life: Spiritualism and Proclamation

The Mystery of life: Spiritualism and Proclamation started Sometime back in 2016, a pastor of a very popular church, Akolade Arowolo was sentenced to death by the federal government of Nigeria for the murder of his banker wife Titilayo, on the ground that he murdered his wife. He pleaded, he cried, he explained yet no one believed him.

Mystery of Life and How it Started.

Pastor Akorade and wife
Pastor Akolade and his wife Titilayo are in the web mystery of life.

The mystery of life hit hard on Pastor Akolade, he was living happily with his wife and this is their second year in marriage, things were going smoothly until one day when Titilayo arrived home from work and started acting strange, she provokes at every slightest chance, according to him (pastor) it seems like his wife Is possessed by an evil spirit or maybe a little bit of madness.

The Mystery of Life.

Pastor Arowolo could not hold back his tears after the court ruling, that’s the mystery of life, he burst into a fit of prayer, “how can I’ll my beloved wife” we never had any quarrel or issue, that’s what is going on in the pastor’s mind. Titilayo worked with Skye bank, whilst her husband was employed and also a pastor. Prosecutors were able to present compelling evidence that led to the conviction of Mr. Arowolo and his sentencing by Justice Lateefat Okunu of the Ikeja High Court, he was handed a death sentence. Justice Okunu held in her over three hours judgment that evidence before the court proved that Arowolo murdered his wife in cold blood in their matrimonial home.

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The Verdict by the Chief judge.

Testimony in the form of a forensic report from Prof. John Oladapo Obafunwa, a pathologist, was what the court used to determine that there was no way the deceased could have stabbed herself to death. Immediately after the judgment, Arowolo fell in the dock and started shouting “Jesus have mercy.”

PM News reports that Prof Obafunwa testified that his autopsy report revealed that Titilayo was killed through 76 knife stab wounds.

 Pointless Claim that’s the mystery of life.

There were claims by Pastor Arowolo, suggesting that his wife was possessed and inflicted injuries on herself.

He noted that the knife wounds affected Titilayo’s left eye, right eye, upper chest area, right chest, and collar bone.

Prof. Obafunwa pointed out in his testimony that the deceased could not have inflicted such wounds on herself. To further prove its case.

the prosecution invited some of Titilayo’s family members who testified that Arowolo and Titilayo had always had a troubled marriage.

Spiritualism and Proclamation.

The family members included Titilayo’s father, George Oyakhire; sister, Ijeh, and mother-in-law, Mrs. Adetoun Yeside Oyakhire. The three witnesses testified that the couple lived a cat and mouse life.

They claimed that the family had several times, settled serious fights between the couple. None of the witnesses however saw what happened on the day Titilayo died

Another news agency reports that Arowolo’s co-tenant, Adewale Adeyemi also gave evidence in the case. Arowolo’s parents testified that their son was incapable of murder

Adeyemi in his evidence said that on the day of the incident he heard a loud noise when he was in his apartment and later saw Arowolo rushing out with a deep cut on his palms. He claimed to have also seen a hammer and a knife with a broken handle in the yard. Other witnesses such as the security man at the Arowolos’ residence, Investigating Police Officer and an MTN Staff also gave evidence in the case.

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The Mystery behind Life.

Youth PastorArowolo broke down in tears after the judge handed him the death sentence, he had claimed he was innocent of killing his wife. Having presented its case, the burden was shifted on Arowolo to defend himself.

Expectedly, Arowolo had his explanation as to what happened on the day Titilayo died. First, he claimed that he and his deceased wife had passionate sex for two hours and kissed on the same day she died.

He claimed that Titi stabbed herself to death on the day after they fought. Arowolo claimed that Titilayo was possessed by an evil spirit and inflicted several stab wounds on him before turning to herself. Arowolo’s father, Mudashir,u and his mother also testified of their son’sbehaviorr, insisting he could not have killed his wife.

They claimed that he has always been a religious person and was incapable of killing.

 The Spiritualism of Proclamation.

The story of pastor Arowole and his wife Titilayo was a lesson to this modern generation, whatever challenges you are passing through as a couple always have someone to talk to, had been he discussed this issue with someone or a family member it would have not gotten to this extent of him going to jail,  the more he tries to explain himself the more people thinks he’s mad, the woman’s not alive to explain her side of the story, I pity that couple, the devil destroy them badly, may their soul rest in perfect peace.


To date, it remains a mystery whether the pastor kills his wife or not, he might be right to say that his wife is been possessed by a demonic spirit but who will believe him as he doesn’t have any evidence to prove his innocence.

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