Spiritual Connection to These Common Items

When you see these items what got to your mind was just mere items you see every day but there are symbolic and they are connected to spiritual life. I will be showing you the spiritual connection to these common items, some were used in performing rituals and sacrifices in Africa.

Spiritual Connection to these Common Items.

There are some items you find on daily basis but you never knew those items are spiritual and it’s used for rituals and sacrifices, the spiritual connection to these common items can never be overemphasised,

In Africa, there are several substances common with the locals but only those with the idea of that substance know what to do with it spiritually.

I will be listing those items that are symbolic of spiritual rituals and sacrifice, also I will be telling you their uses. Just in case you come across them or when it’s been used it shouldn’t be a surprise to you.

Below is the list of spiritual items.

color candlestick
colour candlestick use in spiritual homes

Coloured candles:

These candles symbolize spiritual attachment, it was believed to light the part of your spiritual life when seeking solutions to your spiritual problem and it was used mainly by spiritual homes like celestial, cherubim and so many spiritual places like the herbal drug practitioner.


Native chalk:

Native chalk is common with the witch doctors also known as “native doctors” they use it for marking of substances and humans for easy identification by the spirits, whenever you visit those witch doctors they may likely place a chalk mark on you as they (traditional doctors) also carry the chalk mark.

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The native chalk, according to a group of pregnant women that were interviewed some time back confirm that they love eating it as it serves as a delicacy during pregnancy.


Cowries were traded for goods and services throughout Africa in the early 14 century before money was introduced to the economy, even after money was circulated all over the world some Africans still retain the cowries for other purposes, the traditional witch doctors uses the cowries as payment to appease the gods as those ancient gods still accept cowries payment for service rendered. Cowries are also used to see the future if you have the eyes to see.

Spiritual Connection to Common Items.

Alligator pepper and white egg
 Alligator pepper and white egg

White egg and Alligator pepper:

These items are purely used for cleansing of the body from every negative spirit, it can also be used for tapping into favour and it is also believed to be very effective in curing infections, according to a social media user she narrates how to use Alligator pepper seed to cleanse the body, take one head of alligator pepper and open it at your back (alligator pepper is like a spirit and is not to be seen by your face as it emerges).

After opening bring it to your front and removes four seeds from it, place it in your left palm and greet whatever gods you believe in also greet your ancestors, fold your palm and start scrubbing it all over your body incarnating that every negative force and iniquities following you should leave your body and enters the seed when you are done with the scrubbing and incarnation you round the seed on your head four times and throw away.

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beads are used by kings, queens and chiefs in Africa but it also symbolizes culture, beads can also be used for rituals, spirits can be invoked into beads either for good or bad mostly for protection, they can also be worn by a commoner just for fashion.

Snail shell:

Snail shells are known for their rich source of calcium and have been used as fillers in the ceramic, paint, animal feed, construction and paper industries, They are also known to increase the hardness of products, composites resistance to weathering and strength of the material.

They can also be used whole or ground into a powder to add a protective element to any magical work, particularly if the intention is to strengthen protection around yourself or your home. Beyond protective magic, snail shells also have applications in manifesting personal growth, patience, prosperity and good luck charm.

Salt and Charcoal:

This item proves to be effective in chasing out an evil spirit from home or place of business, if you are experiencing low business turnout in your place of business you can get a large portion of charcoal and place it somewhere around your business also with a sprinkle of salt at the four corners.


The items listed above are very effective if you believe in them, you can apply them to check their effectiveness, this writeup is not associated with the publisher in any way it was only done through intense research and observation.

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