Where Does the Spirit Go After Death

Where does the spirit go after death,  that’s the myth we are revealing in today’s interesting topic, sit tight as I take you on a journey of eye-opener research made by my humble self.

Many religion has come up with their understanding and belief about where the spirit goes after death, I will be letting you know what some of them thinks about death when you lost a friend, family member, or loved ones what comes to your mind? Is it we shall see on resurrection day or “where does the spirit go.”

The Islamic Believe.

The Islamic religion believes that when someone dies the spirit or soul went to Bazarkh, bazarkh simply means a state of waiting upon the judgment day, on the day of judgment angel of death also known as Azrail will summon the spirit to answer for the deeds he or she did on earth before death, if found wanting the spirit will face severe tormenting from the angel of death, this is been describe as hell.

The Christain Believe.

The Christian take on where someone goes after death is a little bit confusing but I will try my best to explain it to you, the average Christain believe that when death occurs the body remains with the dust because that’s where it came from why the spirit returns to God the creator,

Another Christianity version also has it that when a good person dies, the one that has fulfilled his or her purpose on earth the spirit will remain for eternity and that’s why Jesus told his disciples not to be afraid of those who want to kill the flesh and not the spirit, the good spirit is reverend in Heaven and given a second chance to return to the body but in the case of the decomposing body the spirit can choose an available body to enter.

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The Theory of Param Pujya Dadashri(master of spiritual science)

Param Pujya Dadashri is a writer from Bangladesh, he claims to be the master of science, he wrote so many books about life after death, he also tries to explain how human existence is connected to the evolution of mankind, Param says after death the spirit enters a womb to be reborn and it’s not conscious of itself and keeps wandering In various life form, dr. Param stated that as long as there is a seed planted for birth worldly life continues, according to the theory of evolution a living being developed from being a single sense to two sense organism until it reaches a stage where it goes back to animal life form.

The point he is trying to make is that humans started from animal creation before becoming a man and when they die the spirit becomes a seed and rebirth back to life and it continues, later human returns to animal form where they came from, that was his own belief and understanding of what happened after death.

My opinion on where Does the Spirit goes after Death.


With the writeup so far we have learned how each of them explains to their understandings about where the spirit is after death, the Christain explanation differs from that of the Islamic likewise the master of science, I can authoritatively tell you that they are not certain, the truth is that nobody knows what happens after death and it has not been proven that person came back to life if they do none has been able to explain what they witness at the other side, what they mostly say was that they only remember lying down unconscious until they waken up, CNN legendary Larry King of blessed memory once granted an interview with a lady, he asks her if she has ever imagined what it’s like to be in the other side (dead) she replies “Nobody Knowns”.

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What happens after death is a mystery only God can reveal, it has not been proven scientifically or spiritually where the Spirit goes after death, which simply means Nobody knows but if you feel that you know please feel free to share with us in the comments section.


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  1. Cada um tem sua religião vale a pena ler e entender cada uma dela.
    Esse artigo nos explica uma delas gostei muito de ler cada parágrafo

  2. This is an interesting topic because no ones know anything about this and I consider that this is actually something that just angels or God Knows. I would like to know the true about this some day.


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