What Do You Know About Exorcism/is Exorcism real

What do you know about Exorcism, it can be regarded as the act of casting out demons, Exorcism must be carried out by a professional, don’t try doing it yourself.

You stand the chance of being killed or possessed by the very demon you are casting, It is very dangerous and harmful to perform Exorcism yourself.

What is Exorcism?

Exorcism is a religious or spiritual practice that entails removing demons or other spiritual attacks from a person or a group of people who are believed to be possessed.

This can be accomplished by making the person performing it makes an oath to complete an elaborate ceremony.   Or simply demanding it to leave in the name of a higher authority, depending on the exorcist’s spiritual views.

The tradition is centuries old and is a feature of many cultures and religions’ belief systems.

Do you know Exorcism is being practised by different religions and their belief all over the world, I will be telling you how some religions perform it.

Is Exorcism Real.

Exorcism is real and lives in Christian worship centers. the spiritual homes also practise  Exorcism, the word Exorcism was generated from the greek word Exorcist and it’s widely practised by the United States.

The Christianity Practice of Exorcism.

Exorcism is the practice of casting out or removing devils in Christianity.

The person executing the exorcism, known as an exorcist in Christian practice, is frequently a member of the Christian Church or a pastor supposed to be endowed with extraordinary powers or abilities.

Items Used for Exorcism.

Prayers and religious material, such as fixed phrases, gestures, symbols, icons, amulets, and so on, may be used by the exorcist.

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To perform an exorcism, the exorcist frequently summons God, Jesus, or a variety of angels and archangels.

The authority given to them by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, also known as the Holy Trinity is most often believed to be the only source of their ability to cast out demons by Protestant Christian exorcists.

what do you know about Exorcism, a lady been possess by demon
what do you know about Exorcism, a lady has been possessed by a demon

The Catholics also have a method of performing Exorcism.

There are times when a person has to be shielded from the devil’s influence or removed from his spiritual rule. In such situations, the Church openly and authoritatively request this protection or freedom through exorcism in the name of Jesus Christ.

Possessing That Requires Exorcism.

Possession is viewed as an unwilling manipulation by a demon resulting in harm to oneself or others, therefore those who are thought to be possessed are not seen as wicked in themselves or completely accountable for their acts.

As a result, exorcism is seen as more of a cure than punishment by practitioners. The majority of mainstream rituals take this into consideration.

Ensuring that the possessed are not subjected to any violence, with the exception of being tied down if there is a risk of violence.

However, certain Biblical scriptures imply that demonic possession can be voluntary, as seen by individuals like those in the Bible who freely succumbed to the Devil.

The Hinduism Practice of Exorcism.

What do you know about Exorcism in Hindi way and religion?
Bhutan’s restless and frequently malicious entities are approximately linked to ghosts and, to a lesser extent, demons can inhabit individuals in several Hindu religions.

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The Atharva Veda is the most concentrated of Hinduism’s four Vedas, or holy texts, on subjects such as exorcism, magic, and alchemy.

The mantra (a holy recitation of certain phonemes or phrases generally associated with a particular god) and the yajna are the most fundamental forms of exorcism.

A sacrifice, offering, or ritual is done before a sacred fire, These are carried out according to Vedic traditions as well as Tantra, Hinduism’s subsequent esoteric doctrines and practices.


Exorcism is very essential when it comes to casting out demons or spiritual attacks on a being or community, and it is done by an authorised entity.

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