What To Know About The ILLUMINATI

What to know about the Illuminati,these are group of intellectual elites trying to simplify the way you see life in general, when I was young I used to think that the Illuminati was some sort of evil cult group, the church of devil, or a group of evil organizations trying to control the world, maybe aliens using powers to mesmerize innocent persons.

What to Know About The Illuminati.

What to know about the Illuminati, The great Illuminati are group of Intellectual elites that form these hidden group, they can widen your horizon and mode of thinking letting you see this life in a different perspective, though they will promise you wealth , power and fame, all this come with a price and that price you have to pay is your dedication and loyalty to the organization, the great Illuminati doesn’t believes in blood shedding rather they will teach you how to call forth money, power, fame and much more. the great Illuminati is not a secret cult.

The Illuminati members observing the anthem
The Illuminati signs and members observing the anthem to identify the group

What Do People Think About The Illuminati.

Most  people believed that Illuminati is somehow connected to devilish act or indulge in blood sacrifice or mind manipulator but they are wrong, the more you study Illuminati the more you are becoming intellects like them.

Group Of Intellectual Elites Called The Illuminati.

Different types of negative rumors were spread about The Illuminati just to discredit them but after much research and studying of the Illuminati, I can tell you what you need to know about them.

The ILLUMINATI is a group of intellectual elites rubbing minds to reveal a unique way of how you see and experience life, their level of reasoning is way too high for the common man, that’s why it is written in one of the books that you can only see if you want to, It’s officially founded by the Pythagoreans

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The Illuminati believes that the existence of life is mathematics and everything can come into existence by calculating with the mind, they will teach you how to become God, that’s why they called them the religion of light, the Illuminati religion goes against all Abraham teaching about faith also against teaching from Christian, Muslim, Judaism, and other religion, the Illuminati is mathematical and facts, the great Illuminati also believes in  reincarnation


Illuminatiam logo of the Illuminati
The logo describing the first testament of the Illuminati

Some Vital Rules of ILLUMINATI.

Here are some vital rules you have to adhere to as a member of the Illuminati 1. they are not going to judge, condemned, or suffer you if you reject them.

2. The existence of humanity is explained and the importance of life and its meaning with the knowledge you required to become God.

3. You are all-powerful and perfect and can be called absolute, the power to achieve absolute consciousness.

4. Reality is mathematics and that is why people fear mathematics, what you believe is what you are made of, you don’t have to believe, you have to know what you are capable of doing, you don’t have to pray all you need is to seek for knowledge and knowledge you will get.

The ILLUMINATI Book Called the God Game.

The Illuminati have several hidden books scattered all over for you to learn if only you have the eyes to see, these were secret books for people to stumble upon and learn to raise the consciousness of humanity, there are some notable quotes from the book,

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1. I will do things no one dares to do,

2. I will bring new thoughts and new things into existence.

3. Through the mind of excellent intellect I may reach heaven.

4. A thought of possibility can shadow and transform someone.

5.  He does not turn back to who is bound with the addition of secrets.

Another book that will give more insight into Illuminati is “Transconsciousness” written by Steve Madison, www.iamhyperian.com

Advantages On What To Know About The Illuminati.

If you get to be associating with the Illuminati there are so many advantages you will get, benefits like how to gain powers among your peers, how to get wealth and fame in your world, you will be different among your peers in terms of reasoning.


Most  people believed that Illuminati is somehow connected to satan but they are wrong, whenever you stumble across any of the books read it and acquire knowledge to understand how humanity and life existence works, the more you seek to know the more your level of reasoning grew, also you can get more details about the Illuminati from morgueofficial 


The writer is not associated with the Illuminati organization, I am not a member of the Illuminati, I only bring you information about the organization based on research and it’s for entertainment purposes.


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  1. everything starts as something good and gets cloudy… not all the illuminati can be bad but they have had a bad reputation throughout history… the truth is relative… you find it inside each soul. .. you just have to look for your truth .. what you believe, not what the common good says

  2. ILLUMINATI, Historically, the name usually refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on 1 May 1776 in Bavaria, today part of Germany.

  3. They are still large groups based on power, that good that gives us the possibility of doing anything, Money is important since it can make you control masses in magnitudes. A Man with an ideal and Lots of Money can create movements like the Illuminati.

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