A Great Tribulation Is Coming In 2023-Devastating Story Of A Christian Girl

A Great Tribulation Is Coming In 2023-Devastating Story Of A Christian Girl, The sensation that my heart had stopped beating occurred to me without warning after a number of diagnostic and testing procedures have been completed it was confirmed by my physician that I had developed Endocarditis,
My anxiety levels carotid as a result of this but I was reassured that I would get better soon based on the treatment I was given in spite of the various drugs and antibiotic therapy that I was undergoing the pain and dizziness that I was
experiencing continued to worsen as time passed.

A Great Tribulation Is Coming 2023

I first told my mother about it, and she immediately refuted the voice by stating that you will never die in the name of Jesus. My mother’s eyes were wide with wrath as she said this. Ever since the day after my birthday celebration, whenever I slept in the bed for some reason I kept hearing this strange voice informing me that I was going to die. This happened no matter what position I was in.

My parents spent a significant amount of money to transfer me to the best hospitals in my country, but the results were always the same. My appearance continued to decline, becoming more one and pasty, while my health didn’t improve. As a result, I became more and more hopeless with each passing day, and as a result of the significant sum of money spent on my medical care, my home was completely destroyed. As we recognized this was more than just a simple illness, several individuals in my family and network of friends proposed prayer centers for my parents, but there was no difference.

Despite everything, my family never stopped showing me the love and support I needed. While I had certainly felt love before, this was on a whole new level, and it gave me the drive I needed to carry on with my life. I remember telling my older brother about the strange voice I heard, and he looked me in the eyes and said, “God has a plan for you.” I took a deep breath and accepted his statement, but I couldn’t help but think about it.

The Pain And Agony Started

Every time I was about to go to bed, I would pray to Jesus and keep calling on his name in my head. As I did, I realized how much more I needed him than ever before. I never stopped pleading with him to come and stay with me. His presence was all I needed to feel comfortable. I had never experienced anything like this before; I had the impression that my entire existence had been ripped out of my body, leaving just the agony behind.

I was bedridden for days because I couldn’t go to school or hang out with my friends, and as a result, I developed a serious case of depression and felt genuinely overpowered by sadness.

The Moment I Noticed That I Can No Longer Feel My Body

I can still clearly recall the day of the occurrence. Around ten o’clock in the evening, I noticed that my heart was beating much faster than usual.

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I tried to shift my body in my bed because that was all I could do at that moment because I was unable to speak and I was unable to sense any reaction to the things I did to my dismay. I couldn’t even bring myself to open my eyes. I tried to call out to my mother from my room but it seems that no one was hearing me.

Previously, my mother always slept in my room, but on that fateful night, she slept in her own room. Because I was unable to make a noise, no one else in the house was aware of what was happening in my room. I just could not understand what was happening to me, and the realization jolted my body enough that I suddenly felt cold.

An Encounter With Jesus

I then felt as though my spirit had moved and separated from my body, traveling through space at a phenomenal rate of speed. It was at this point that I became aware of some strange beings who told me emphatically that I had never existed.

I kept asking myself if I was dead because I couldn’t accept it, but my surroundings helped me realize it was true. The previously dark new environment started illuminating more, and I could see the clouds flying above, but I couldn’t see anyone on the other end. After some time, during which I was still unsure of where I was, I heard a voice calling my name from somewhere in the cloud.

I started going in the direction of the voice, which seemed to be getting closer to me because it was so clear. However, despite traversing several kilometers in this way, I was unable to find the source of the voice or the person who was calling my name.

I raised my head to look at the person who touched me; he was taller and more manly; I was shocked when I felt a hand on my shoulder out of the blue. His face was glowing with glory, but I couldn’t see him well because of the fire emanating from it. I questioned Jesus, “Are you the one,” and he replied, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” He then continued to walk with me.

Jesus Promise To Show Me The Great Tribulation To Come in 2023

Jesus, am I dead? I’ll reveal to you big and mighty things that you are unaware of. You are here for one purpose, and that mission must be fulfilled as soon as possible, he responded as tears still ran down my cheeks.

Because of the superiority and power of the voice, which was surrounded by power and righteousness, it was obvious to me that this must be Jesus Christ the Savior. I will have an impact on you and ask you to spread my word throughout the world to warn people that the great tribulation is coming and that it will be more difficult and prolonged than they can imagine..

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I kept crying and began to hear noises of screams and anguish feeling the air and the tears that were streaming out of my eyes intensified. I have never in my entire life had a voice as lovely and silky as this one.

While I was still sub, he responded, “You just went to church and did other religious activities because it was imposed on you by your parents and you never looked for me with all of your heart.” He paused for a moment, and I noticed the sorrowful reaction, and then he continued, “You never looked for me with all of your heart.” I could feel the heat and smell coming from that area, and it dawned on me that I was in hell.

Showing her the coming great tribulation in 2023
Showing her the coming great tribulation in 2023

The Message Was Given To Me That A Great Tribulation Is Coming 2023

I can honestly say that in all of my years on this planet, I have never encountered anything that was even close to being as good as it was right now, but please pay close attention because he interrupted my thoughts by saying that coming year 2023 will be a difficult year and the year of modern the pains and suffering of the past. As soon as he finished saying that, the offensive smells and sounds gradually faded away, the power distribution changed, and the atmosphere changed to a more comfortable state.

Sensing my worries, he continued to hold my hand tightly and assured my people that despite everything, for everyone who seeks and finds salvation in me, I the lord shall be with them. I will wipe away their tears and will comfort them even as severe pandemic conflicts among nations erupt more frequently and violently than ever before. Even the most privileged will be concerned.

Tribulation In 2023

Even though I was conscious that I had a message that I wanted to communicate, Jesus continued to pause before saying, “My father who controls beyond heaven and earth shall bring peace to the globe, but only if the word seeks repentance. Go immediately and tell the world.”

I persisted in convincing myself that I was staying put due to the following peacefulness that I experienced
The last thing Jesus said was, “Although I understood that I was to continue carrying the message, is there any chance that another person would be sent?”

He said, “These are my plans for you. You were born for this purpose and this is your mission on earth. Go and tell the world what you have heard and seen. I do not want to go back to earth.

I Regain Consciousness After The Message Of Tribulation In 2023

I was suddenly knocked off my feet by a gust of wind that was so strong that I was unable to withstand its force. It was still dark, but I could immediately hear screams and wailing everywhere. The most audible and familiar voice I recognized was that of my mother. Oh my god, I thought, was I really dead? I felt some sort of physical contact, and when I tried to move my hand again, it moved this time around instead of the last.

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Though my vision was still blurry, as I gently opened my eyes, the first thing I noticed was the clock hanging on the wall. I questioned if I had been healed by Jesus because I was perplexed by the fact that I felt no pain and the uneasiness in my heart had disappeared.

The Great Tribulation Coming In 2023

In contrast to earlier, when the crying had stopped and all I could hear was people rushing about and trampling each other, I was partially awake but I could hear and feel every movement around me. Later, I guess the doctor was there when I felt some unidentified hands on my body and started checking for a pulse.

When my father’s voice was heard for the first time in a long time, my mother quickly entered the room and inquired as to whether she was awake. I was eager to get out of bed and give my dad a bear hug, but a hand held me back. The doctor continued to check on me and advised me to relax because you’ll need energy.

The doctor told my parents it had never happened here before and that your daughter’s chances of survival were less than one percent high resuscitation after multiple tests revealed she was dead. My parents were shocked to hear the doctor say that he had never seen anything like that in his entire career as a doctor.

The doctor said, “What you all witnessed is a miracle.” My mother moved closer to me, and I asked her what had happened. She said that my father had entered my room at the crack of dawn to check on me, and that’s when he discovered that I was lying on my bed helplessly unconscious and wasn’t breathing. As a result, they hurriedly transported me to the hospital as soon as they could. I also told her about what had happened.

For this is my story and i have pass the message across to the world, for those who have ears let them hear and understand my message, thus says the Lord.


I doubt if this could be a rapture story though it looks similar, Nevertheless, whatever story it is they are sending a warning to planet earth to be ready for the great Tribulation coming in 2023

Tell us what you think about the story and if you believe what she said is true or she is just making up the story, drop your comments in the comment section. your support and suggestion will be highly appreciated.

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