Money Ritual Without BloodShed

In today’s topic, I will be sharing three methods on how you can apply the money ritual without bloodshed.  Stick around, and read to the end so you can learn from the spiritual master.  You might be doubting if this truly works, well, all I have to say is for you to have faith, but every doubt should be put aside and see it work like magic.

The modern world of today has been spiritually blind by money, it has now become paramount that everyone should have this money, nobody wants to wait for the right time anymore, everybody needs it now.

The money they say is the root of all evil yet people are still clamouring to get this money, the quest for it has made people to be involved in money rituals of all sorts.

How do you explain a boy of seventeen years killing someone for money ritual, what would he need money for, that’s to show you the length at which people are ready to go just for the money.

I will show you tactics approved by nature to call money to yourself without bloodshedding, just believe, follow instructions and see the wonders of nature.

The 777 Method of Money Ritual Without Bloodshed.

money ritual without bloodshed
money ritual without bloodshed

To manifest this you will be needing some items I will be listing out, a red candle, a cinnamon stick, a bay leaf, a white piece of paper, money coins, a broken plate and a pen.

Put on the red candle and place it on top of the piece of paper that you wrote 777 on, the number 777 should be written with a red marker, everything should be inside the broken plate.

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Write on the bay leaf that you need money, no need to state the amount you need because money can never be enough, burn the bay leaf on the burning fire from the candle. use the burning candle fire to light up the cinnamon stick and place it by the side.

Make sure the money coins are placed around the candle inside the broken plate, why all this is taking place don’t forget to be repeating the incarnation words, money locates me, money comes and works for me, money is my slave. keep repeating those words till the bay leaf burns to ashes.

After manifesting the money ritual for about ten minutes, remove the paper under the candle and burn it as well, letting the ash fall amongst the bay leaf ash.

Put off the candle and the cinnamon stick, gather the ashes together and mix it with your body cream, if you can’t do that you can add a little portion to your bathing water.

Anytime you are using it both in body cream or bathing water, always use those words, money locates me, money comes and works for me, and money is my slave.

The Salt Method of Money Ritual Without Bloodshed.

The previous method can be done anytime but this method can only be done on the first Sunday of the month and with strict supervision.

This spiritual method of money ritual without bloodshed is straightforward compared to the previous one, all you need is sea salt, holy water and a glass.

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Get the glass and fill it with holy water add two tablespoons full of sea salt and mix thoroughly and put the mixture under the sun for one hour.

After an hour remove the sea saltwater from the sun and use half of it to wash your hands, while you are washing your hands remember the incarnation words, keep repeating them.

Add a spoon of sea salt to the remaining water on the glass and hid it somewhere in your house, also remember to dispose of the water used in washing hands properly. you can flush it in the toilet.

Just like I said at the beginning of this article, it can only work depending on your faith, be of good faith whenever you are doing this money ritual.

The Other Version 777 Method of Money Ritual Without Bloodshed.

This method unlike other methods is all about calculations and mathematics, and its widely practised by the United States.

With this method, you are required to get a note and a pen and write down these words, money comes to me, seven times, then on the other column write down, money locates me, seven times also.

In the last column, you will write down, I need money, seven times as well. after writing all this you will need to write under it one thousand dollars in figures.

Depending on your country’s currency but the preferable currency is a dollar, read out all words written by you on the note, count the written words and multiply by a thousand.

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Whatever figure you get write it down under the one thousand figure you wrote previously, adding the equals sign in front.

Read out the words again adding that amount you get after the calculation at the end of every sentence, Etc I need money 63000.

After you are done, close the notebook and put it somewhere close to where you sleep, maybe under the bed or by the pillow side.

In no distance time, you will see money manifesting around you, money will be attracted to you, if only you believe.


This is the modern way of making money ritual without bloodshed, all you need is faith and you will see it work like magic and transform that unpleasant condition you find yourself in.

If you find this article interesting and helpful, you can drop your comments and suggestion in the comment section, we are open to suggestions and support.

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