The Place Called Heaven

How well do you know about the place called heaven, apart from being a place where God lives and other stories you hear about. what else do you know about heaven? will you be amazed to find out that God doesn’t stay in Heaven and Heaven doesn’t exist? let me take you on a journey of an eye-opener.

The Place Called Heaven.

Some days back I watch a video of a pastor saying God doesn’t live in heaven,

This message got me thinking if truly heaven does exist, the only proof of heaven’s existence is the bible, Christains believes what they read in the bible or what they are taught in worship places but they are some Atheist that doesn’t believe until they see with their eyes.

According to what christains are taught Heaven is like a paradise a place to behold and the goal is always to make heaven.

Stories About Heaven.

The place called heaven
The place called heaven

Nobody has been there and back, no story to tell about how it looks like, only few stories told by Jesus Christ about Heaven in the Bible . how do you believe something you have no clue about.

The scientist has been working to proof that heaven does exist but its like a higher spiritual force keep stoping them making it a mystery place, I think that spiritual force is God himself.

Do God Stays In Heaven.

According to the preacher he said God doesn’t live in Heaven , he said where was him when he is creating heaven and earth that place he is now.

Another version said God is Ominipotent and Ominiscience , meaning he is everywhere at the same time, if he is everywhere at the same time that means he doesn’t live in heaven.

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The Place Called Heaven Real or Not.

Everybody with what he or she believes, a christain will tell you that Heaven exist and is their ultimate goal to be there according to the teaching they receive be it truth or lies they just believe, that’s the christain faith.

The Atheist person will tell you he doesn’t believe in what he cant see, seeing is believing , if you cant see, touch or feel it then it doesn’t exist.A spiritualist will tell you base on what he imagine that it was reveal to him that there’s heaven and earth and he saw God sitting on a throne in heaven.


I am not an Atheist neither am I a christain or spiritualist, everything read here is base on research and study of human behaviour and it should not in any way accredited to me.

however, if you find this write up useful you can comment at the comments section, let me know what you think about this topic.

Nevertheless, we are still open for your suggestions, contributions, and support, thank you.

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