The Power of Raw Egg

Today I will be sharing a powerful spiritual message titled The Power of Raw Egg for Spiritual Cleansing. The egg is very common, we see and use it in our day to day activities little do you know that the egg can cleanse you from the spiritual bondage of hardship and bad luck, Egg is a natural thing that signifies life and it brings happiness to mankind.


If the egg is used correctly for prayers you will see the wonder it works in your life, without further ado let’s go straight to how you can use it for effective performance.

But before we go to the usage I want to tell you the wonderful things you stand to gain if you used it appropriately, maybe you are going through a lot of things in your life right now, stuff like not being able to take care of your needs as a result of hardship, joblessness, not getting the desired contract, disappointment from clients, people not favouring you no matter what you and so on.

The Power of Raw Egg.

If you pray with the egg you will see the spiritual cleansing in your life, the turnaround for good will be massive, and people will start calling you trying to give you a contract, anywhere you step your feet to look for a job it will be granted, somebody somewhere will be trying to give favour one way or the other, that’s the power of raw egg.

for spiritual works get a raw egg, white or yellow egg, when you wake up very early in the morning in a home where you live with others make sure you are the first to wake up.

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Alligator pepper and white egg for spiritual cleansing

get the egg and speak to it, tell the egg all the problem you are facing tell it not to come back to you as you have broken the connection that bond the both of you.

As the egg signifies new life you have brought a new life to counter ur previous life, after all this, you break the egg on hard rock, and make sure it got broken.


while doing this spiritual cleansing you must be naked, I mean stake naked like the day you were born, you must not put anything on, for the ladies you must use your natural hair instead of wearing wigs for the effectiveness of the spiritual egg cleansing.

after this spiritual cleansing, you will see open doors in everything you do, people will be found of you and there will not be any hard luck in your life.

Another tip for spiritual cleansing I will like to share with you is the power of using early morning urine to cancel indebtedness.

when you are in debt with someone you are like a slave to the person, whenever you see that person you won’t feel comfortable anymore.

some of them that lend you money did something so you won’t be able to pay back, causing hardship to the person for the interest to be increasing, at the end if you were unable to pay you lose your collateral used in acquiring of the loan.

That’s the length at which these money lenders can go to make things difficult for you, so you have to pay back and be free from their captivity.

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To get rid of indebtedness you must use your own early morning urine, the first urine when you wake up, add salt to it and say your prayers, cancel every indebtedness in your life, pray that let there be open doors for you and your business so you can be able to pay up all debt,

After the prayers, you use the urine that you have added salt to wash your hand and feet or you can add a little to your bathing water, depending on your choice. after this you will see that things will begin to work for you and you can pay up all debts.


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  1. People always speak badly about the properties of the egg but I don’t think so and now I confirm that it is an excellent food both to eat and also as a symbol, for me it is perfect.


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