The Evil Spirit Called Ogbanje

The Evil Spirit Called Ogbanje is a malicious ghost known as the Ogbanje is supposedly present in some African civilizations, particularly among the Igbo people of Nigeria. This supernatural being, also known as “abiku” or “ogbanje,” is connected to multiple births, particularly when a kid is born and dies frequently in a household.

The Evil Spirit Called Ogbanje

The Ogbanje is a malevolent spirit that is believed to exist in certain African cultures, particularly among the Igbo people of Nigeria. Also known as “abiku” or “ogbanje,” this supernatural being is associated with the occurrence of multiple births, specifically when a child is born and dies repeatedly in a family.

According to traditional beliefs, the Ogbanje is believed to be a mischievous and malevolent spirit that intentionally causes harm and suffering to its human family. It is believed to possess the ability to repeatedly die and be reborn, bringing tremendous grief and despair to the parents. The spirit is said to return to the spirit world only to come back again in another child within the same family, perpetuating the cycle of death and rebirth.

The Ogbanje is considered an evil entity because it disrupts the natural order of life, inflicts pain on the parents, and brings about the premature death of children. It is believed that the spirit does this to torment the parents and to ensure that the family remains in a state of perpetual mourning and sadness.

Performing Ritual Practices

Various rituals and practices are performed in attempts to prevent the malevolent influence of the Ogbanje. These rituals include naming the child after deceased family members, scarification or marking of the child’s body, using charms and amulets, and performing ceremonies to appease the spirit and persuade it to leave the family alone.

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The belief in the Ogbanje spirit is deeply rooted in the cultural and religious beliefs of the Igbo people. While some individuals may attribute the repeated deaths of children to natural causes, others firmly believe in the existence and malevolence of the Ogbanje. The concept of the Ogbanje reflects the Igbo people’s desire to explain and find meaning in the tragedy of repeated child mortality.

It’s important to note that beliefs in spirits and supernatural entities vary across different African cultures, and not all cultures have a concept similar to the Ogbanje. Furthermore, with the influence of modernization and Christianity, the belief in Ogbanje has declined in recent times. Nevertheless, for those who still hold onto these traditional beliefs, the Ogbanje remains a powerful and haunting presence in their lives.

Why An Ogbanje Suffers Before They Started Doing Well In Life

1, When Ogbanje will start disturbing the person he or she will not know what is disturbing him or her till they discover it through consultation.

2, When they discover it some people will not agree to do it,l mean to make peace with the evil spirit called Ogbanje

3, Some people will want to do it but there is no money to do it because they have already make the person be having promise and fail, disappointment,bad luck and setback.

4, Some spiritualist that is doing consultation to the person may say another thing that is not disturbing the person and he or she will just go and wasting money unnecessarily.

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5, Some people will do Ogbanje spiritual work more than 3 to 4 times because they fail to do one thing or the other that is very important in Ogbanje spiritual work.

6 , Some people will use the word,,,,, settlement, and whenever you use such word you will spoil the whole spiritual work because you can not settle them because you already came from their kingdom, rather you make peace with them or appeasement.

7, Some will go and do spiritual work of witchcraft while it’s Ogbanje that’s is disturbing the person.

8, Some will run to the church just like me when my own started and no amount of deliverance can set you free rather they will calm down later they will come with force.

The Evil Spirit Called Ogbanje
The Evil Spirit Called Ogbanje


After doing the necessary thing, things will start working for the person very well, anything he or she lays have will be booming and blessings will coming from front, back, left, up and down.
It’s not always easy but after things, things will become alright.
May the Queen mother of the Sea and river continue to bless us, iseeeeeeeeeeeeee

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