The Lost Book in the Bible

There are so many books removed from the bible, such books were regarded as lost, in the bible, this missing book carries the story of Lilith Adam’s first wife, the lost books in the Bible is hidden from mankind to date for certain reasons, come along with me lets go find the reason why those books were hidden.

What Is The Holy Bible?

In today’s essay, we’ll focus on a few of them; sit back and relax as I take you on a trip of mysteries that have been hidden from mankind for hundreds of years. First, let’s talk about the Bible before we discuss the banned pages of the Bible.

Christians regard the Bible as a holy book that covers the lives and times of the Apostles in ancient times, as well as other stories that shaped the Christian world.

Because Christians intend to believe every single word written in the Holy Bible, a burning house or automobile containing the Holy Bible appears to burn even though the building or car was burnt down by the fire in some situations.

Before getting at the English translation that is widely recognized by Christians around the world, the Holy Book was translated from a variety of languages, including Greek, Latin, German, and French.


A picture representing the lost books of the bible
A picture representing the lost books of the bible.

The Lost Books In The Bible.

The lost books that were removed from the holy book were viewed as forbidden, satanic, banned, and contradicting Christian beliefs, despite the fact that this book was contained in the bible and read by early Christians.

Here are Some names of the lost books in the Bible that were removed, listed here. 2Esdras, Tobit’s Book, Susanna’s Book, Esther’s Additions, Judith’s Book, Solomon’s Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch, Jeremiah’s Epistle, Azariah’s Prayer, Bel and the Dragon, Manasses’ Prayer 1Maccabees.

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The lost books in the bible.

The lost book in the Bible are too numerous to mention but I will try and give you more names of books that was removed, 2Maccabees, Book of Enoch, Book of Jubilees, Philip’s Gospel, Mary’s Gospel, Thomas’ Gospel, and Lilith’s epistle As a learning resource, it also offers the ancient Hebrew alphabet with popular Hebrew words. they are more books that weren’t mentioned here.

The Secret Of Lilith Adam’s First Wife.

Lilith in control of the serpent
Lilith is in control of the serpent, she has always been in charge.

In the beginning, when God created the world he created Man and Woman, and the name of the woman is Lilith, She wasn’t submissive to the man as she claims they were both created at the same time, this wasn’t recorded in the Bible.

As of then, you are not allowed to call the name of God aloud but Lilith called the Name and wanted to challenge God Almighty as it got to a stage where she grew wings and can fly at will, she was been regarded as the Queen of demons.

Lilith was Banished from the Garden of Eden.

God Almighty banished her from the Garden of Eden and sent his angel to drown her in the water, but when they arrived, she was given the choice of drowning or being slain every day for the rest of her life by hundreds of her children (demons).

She agreed to the deal of slaughtering hundreds of her children every day, when men sleep at night she will steal their seed to form demons that will be killed as agreed by both parties.

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Creation of Eve Adam’s Known Wife.

Lilith had been jealous and angry at Eve, so she came as a serpent to lure Eve into eating from the fruit of good and evil, and she eventually succeeded in chasing Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden, just as God had done to her.

Lilith was said to be linked to Lucifer, and her soul continues on in modern history as a powerful feminist. Modern-day women are still battling for gender equality, and Lilith’s spirit lives on in their lives.

The Gospel of Thomas ( infant live of Christ).

This book detailed Christ’s deeds as a child, such as how he restored a dead bird to life and many more miracles performed as an infant Christ, but they were not included in the Holy Bible because they feared it would mislead people and cause them to doubt Christianity.


Those books that were taken from the Holy Bible were removed for reasons unknown to them; either they are hiding something from us or they are shielding us from unknown future harms. This article is based on research conducted by my humble self and is provided for informative purposes only.


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