Meet The Millionaire Who Gave Up Everything And Start Afresh

His name is Mike Black, He is a millionaire, born in the United States of America, he decided to give out everything he had to those that need it and start afresh like a commoner.

Meet The Millionaire Mike Black

Born in the United States of America, wealthy Mike Black made the decision to start again as a commoner by giving away everything he had.

according to him, this decision came after 2020 as he watch friends lose everything they had as a result of the pandemic, he tried to help those in need by giving them little stuff and some words of encouragement.

He noticed that his effort toward them is not yielding any positive results, that is how he now comes up with the crazy idea of giving out everything he had including his house to those that need it and started what he called the      “million dollar challenge”.

Mike Black The Millionaire is Homeless

On day one, he slept outside a parking slot with no money nor a roof over his head, eating was a big problem for him as he do not have money to eat.

That was how it goes for weeks till one day a stranger picked him up from the street, cloth him, feed him, and allow him to stay in his crib for a few weeks.

The Millionaire Mike Black
The Millionaire Mike Black

Millionaire Mike Black Now Have A Roof and Can Focus Now

Mike is now focused and he started earning some dollars, he made $200 from the sales of a used chair he found online after helping the owner to resell it.

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After a while, he made some more money and got himself a brand new laptop to ease up the work he does online, at least with the laptop he can reach out to more clients.

On day 25 he got his own office apartment space where he does his work and he also sleeps there for the main time, still working and hoping for better days.

On day 50 Mike Black got his own apartment, a place he can call his home, he no longer sleeps at the office, he now has a home.

He was getting high-scale deals from AirBNB clients and also from those asking him to be their social media manager.

Tragedy Struck Mike Was Confuse Again

Everything was going fine and as planned until one faithful day he got a call from a family that his father is seriously sick and would need immediate medical attention.

His father was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, and according to Mike health and family come first so he had to stop the million-dollar challenge.

Mike did not reach his goal of becoming a millionaire once again but he had a revenue of about 64k dollars within a space of 200 days.

He had to take care of his father first before he can strategize on what to do next.


Mike might not reach his goals or target but there is something to learn from his story and that is never giving up no matter the situation you find yourself in.

No2 moral lesson is that if you are poor, you are the one that chooses to be, there are so many opportunities out there staring at you and waiting for you.

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