Why Was The Devil Called Lucifer

Why was the devil called Lucifer, God created Lucifer, who was originally known as Morningstar.

The name Lucifer is derived from the Latin word for “morning star” or “light-bringer.”

According to the Bible, Lucifer grew arrogant and started to rebel against God. He desired for all the angels to worship him rather than God since he claimed to be God himself. After being expelled from heaven, he was given the moniker Devil, which meaning “accuser” or “slanderer.”

Why Was The Devil Called Lucifer

The Bible says that Lucifer became filled with pride and began to rebel against God. He wanted to be God himself, and he wanted all the angels to worship him instead of God. For this he was then thrown out of heaven, given the name Devil, meaning “slanderer,” which is what he does to people ever since. . He was a very important angel, and God loved him.

After Satan was expelled from heaven and turned against God, he adopted the name Lucifer.

His name, which means “adversary,” is also known as Satan. He’s frequently depicted as a snake or a dragon.

Who Was The Devil

Although the name Lucifer means “light-bearer” or “morning star,” the Bible doesn’t reveal anything about Lucifer’s past or present. The king of Babylon is referred to be Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12.

After being expelled from Heaven and turning against God, Lucifer’s name came to mean Satan.

In Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, the Devil is frequently depicted as a fallen angel. According to the Bible, God created the Devil.

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As a former angel of light, Lucifer had the duty of leading humanity to the truth. He was also known as “the son of the morning,” which denoted that he was one of God’s preferred angels before he was corrupted by his own strength and transformed into Satan.

What was God’s Original Plan for Satan

God wanted the both of them and other angels to rule the world, he gave them power accordingly and always remind them who is in charge, and that is himself, but Satan became proud of him self and wanted to overthrown God from his position, that was why he was banished from Heaven.

Originally, Lucifer was the name of the devil. The most exquisite angel in heaven, he was. However, he started to think that he was more powerful than God and got arrogant about his beauty.

Then God devised a scheme to expel Lucifer from heaven and bring him to earth.
Yet Lucifer deceived God into believing he had accomplished it. God therefore created hell to contain him.

The Christian View About Satan

In Christian doctrine, the devil is referred to as Lucifer. The meaning of the name Lucifer is “morning star” or “light-bringer.” It is drawn from Isaiah 14:12, which is translated as follows in the Latin Vulgate:

O Lucifer, Son of the Morning, how art thou fallen from heaven! How have you been brought low for weakening the nations?

Most Christian scholars have given up on the idea that Lucifer was a good man who was punished by God for having too much arrogance. Most Christian scholars have also given up on the idea that he was an evil spirit before he descended. the name Lucifer was used to describe a Babylonian monarch in Isaiah 14:12 who worships false gods and misleads his subjects.

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Imanginary picture of Lucifer Burning in hell
Imaginary picture of Lucifer Burning in hell

What Was Lucifer’s Mission on Earth

It is true that little is known regarding Lucifer’s purpose for coming to Earth. It’s difficult to determine how long he was there or what his goal was. Lucifer, however, was “the anointed guardian cherub,” according to the Bible.

According to the Bible, God designated Lucifer as the protector of Eden and as the protector of all the trees in Paradise. It sounds like Lucifer once performed some sort of regulatory duty on Earth. This is accurate and provides more proof of his extraterrestrial ancestry.

Why Didn’t God Kill Satan and End Everything

We must comprehend the entire context of the narrative in order to comprehend why God chose not to execute Satan. A broken bond between God and humanity is the subject of the Garden of Eden tale.

The Fall was about disobeying God’s authority and destroying His perfect creation, which included disobeying His command to procreate and multiply.

There would be no suffering or death in a world without human sin.

God’s decision not to slay Satan is easier to accept since if He had, He would also have murdered the rest of us. Then He wouldn’t be able to grant redemption to anyone and restore fellowship with Himself (1 John 4:9).

Because He had recently purified the populace, He said in Exodus 34:6-7, “Do not come close; throw off your shoes from your feet,” when He was punishing mankind by bringing upon them plagues.


There is always a reason why God did not just end it once and for all, maybe the mission of Satan to earth was not just to kill and destroy, maybe it was also to teach us how to be humble to God.

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If the name Lucifer means morning light before he was ban from Heaven, which means there might still be a little of that morning star remaining in him.

This is just my opinion thou, you can either take it or leave it, it all depends on you and what you believed.

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